Facebook to Hold Mystery Event on January 15


Facebook has sent out invitations to selected members of the press to an event it’s holding later this month, although it hasn’t made it clear exactly what it will be announcing. The wording on the emailed invitation says simply “Come and see what we’re building,” which perhaps refers to software rather than hardware.

The invitation and the speculation around what Facebook will reveal has stolen some of the attention away from CES, the technology trade show currently still going on in Las Vegas. The timing says this was Facebook’s intention.

Of course, any Facebook event makes us instantly think of the Facebook Phone, a project which has been rumoured for years but never come to fruition. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has denied its existence, however HTC has been linked with the device, codename Opera, recently, suggesting it’s still being developed.

There’s a chance the event has nothing to do with a phone though, and it could be to announce the acquisition of another company, or a major new feature for the social network site. It’s holding the conference at its headquarters in California though, meaning it’s important enough for the company to open its own doors instead of hiring a different venue.

We’ll know everything on 15 January, and Facebook’s event starts at 10am local time.

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