Possible Image of Samsung Galaxy S IV Leaked


We all know it’s coming, it’s just a question of when. What are we talking about? The Samsung Galaxy S IV, of course, easily one of this year’s most anticipated new smartphones; and to illustrate its release is drawing closer, an image of the phone has been leaked online.

It’s a good quality one too, as it’s devoid of blur and not taken so close up to it you can’t even tell which bit you’re looking at. Instead, it’s a clear shot of the front, although it’s not particularly enlightening when it comes to the S IV’s possible feature list. It looks quite similar to the S III, with curved edges and a massive screen, however there is one obvious alteration – the disappearance of the hardware Home button beneath the display. The screen also has a tiny bezel, indicating the rumoured increase in the size of the display may come true.

So is this the next Samsung flagship phone? Well, maybe. It has been published by a well-established blog devoted to Samsung, however it comes from an anonymous tip, thereby one must question whether it’s genuine. It’s also very similar to the S III and other similar Samsung phones such as the Galaxy Premier, making the image easy to fake.

Assuming we are looking at a genuine photo, there’s still a chance this isn’t the final version of the S IV we’ll see go on sale later this year. Samsung did a good job of keeping the S II’s design under wraps until the launch event, and there’s no reason to think it won’t be disguising the S IV’s design in the same way.

No release date has been given for the S IV, although sometime around the first anniversary of the S IV’s launch in May is possible. We could know more after Mobile World Congress.

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