Android Jelly Bean Coming Soon to Galaxy S II


Samsung has always promised it would bring Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to the Galaxy S II, but it has so far not followed through, leaving many wondering if it had encountered technical problems. However, it looks like the wait is nearly over as a page published on its website lists all the new features the upgrade will bring.

The update will be made available through Samsung’s Kies management software and could take at least an hour to install, plus it’ll reduce the amount of available internal memory by 1GB thanks to all the extra files. This certainly makes it sound like squeezing Jelly Bean onto the S II was quite a task.

But what about the positive aspects? The page says the S II will benefit from the improvements in navigation and smoothness seen with Project Butter, plus additional performance and better stability too. A Google+ app will be installed along with the update, as will the Easy mode seen on the S III and other Samsung phones, where the Android OS is simplified for new users.

More interestingly, the S II will get Smart Stay, where the forward facing video camera will keep the phone’s screen active when you’re looking at it, then allows it to sleep when you’re looking away – it works well if you read eBooks or websites on your phone. The Pop-up Play video feature will also be added, along with tweaks to the primary camera’s operation too.

Samsung stops short of saying when Jelly Bean will arrive on the S II, but it does mention the update will hit a select few Korean networks first, after which we should see a UK release for phones purchased SIM-free. Exactly when this will be remains unknown.

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