Samsung Confirms Tizen Phones are Coming in 2013


Tizen is an open source mobile operating system created by Intel and supported by Samsung, and the Korean company has confirmed it will launch a series of “competitive devices” with the OS installed over the coming 12 months.

Samsung has long been a fan of providing mobile phones which use a wide variety of operating systems, and has in the past offered devices running everything from Symbian and Windows Mobile to its current Android and Windows Phone 7 and 8 line-up.

Tizen has more in common with its Bada platform though, as Samsung is looking to lessen its dependence on Android, at least according to sources speaking to Bloomberg. Samsung may be the darling of the Android world at the moment, but it clearly fears Google’s purchase of Motorola Mobility will change this in the future, increasing the need for a strong alternative.

If Samsung can make a success of Tizen, it’ll fall into Intel’s plans too. The processor manufacturer wants to challenge ARM with its own Medfield Atom mobile processors, and having a manufacturer as big as Samsung producing devices with an OS which will no doubt work nicely with them will be a considerable advantage.

Samsung hasn’t given any details on when its Tizen phones will appear, other than sometime this year, nor has it stated whether they’ll be low, mid or high-range handsets.

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