Ubuntu Operating System for Smartphones Announced

While some of you may be familiar with the Ubuntu operating system for desktop computers, you may not have been aware that Canonical, creators of the Linux-based OS, has also been working on a version for smartphones. It’s now ready to show off its hard work by introducing the mobile version of Ubuntu.

Naturally, it’s a touch-based operating system which concentrates on gestures to access often used features or information on the device. For example, swiping from the left to the right brings up a vertical list of your often used apps, which can then quickly be accessed, or alternatively, swiping from the right flicks through a list of the last apps you used.

Much like Android, a series of icons along the top of the display provide information on the phone’s status, but more detail can be found by swiping down on each icon. Swipe down on the screen and you’re presented with a list of your messages and app notifications.

While it all sounds like Android, and Ubuntu uses many of the kernals and drivers associated with Google’s OS, it won’t be able to run any of its applications. This means it’s going to be down to the strong Ubuntu developer community to come up with an entirely new set of apps for the mobile OS.

At the moment, Ubuntu for phones is still in the development stage and we’re not likely to see any hardware running the OS on sale until next year. However, Canonical intends to release a version suitable for the Galaxy Nexus before this time, giving curious fans the chance to try the OS out on their phones. In the meantime, you can see the OS in action in¬†Canonical’s own video below:

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