Windows Phone Web Usage sees Huge Increase

Microsoft has good reason to look back upon 2012 as a successful year, with the company’s mobile platform having seen a 289% increase in web traffic over the last twelve months.

Figures from online research firm NetMarketShare indicate that the total share of mobile web traffic that came from the software giant’s smartphone platform during 2012 was 1.05%, almost a threefold increase on the year before.

While this figure may be small when compared to the 60.38% of mobile web traffic which iOS can boast, Microsoft should find encouragement in the fact that no other platform achieved anything like the increase in web usage that Windows Phone did.

Of the major smartphone operating systems it was only Android, iOS and Windows Phone which furthered their share, with Symbian seeing a drop off of 74%.

While mobile web usage is not an ideal indicator of how widely adopted a platform is becoming and cannot be said to directly correlate to sales of handsets it nevertheless suggests that smartphones running Microsoft’s OS are becoming much more widely used.

The decline in web traffic from other platforms such as Symbian also indicates that the software giant is making headway in its aim to become the third most popular smartphone OS on the market.

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