Top Five New Year’s Apps

While Christmas may be over there’s still some celebrating to be done, with New Year’s Eve being one of the best excuses for a party that we have.

Whether it’s for the morning after or the night before, there are plenty of apps that can help you to ease yourself into the next twelve months. Here we take a look at five of the best available for ringing in 2013.

5. Weight Watchers

For those who overindulged during the Christmas period, the official app from Weight Watchers is well designed to get you back in shape.

Featuring low-calorie recipes and information about the contents of a variety of foods, the app also directs you towards the nearest Weight Watchers group in your area. Available for iOS and Android.

4. Swift Goals

One for your New Year’s resolutions, Swift Goals is a convenient way of keeping track of all those things you promise you are going to do, or stop doing.

Targets can be assigned to certain dates and a calendar-style to-do list presents them all in one simply interface. Goals can also be separated into ‘Business’ and ‘Personal’ categories, with the overdue goals displaying in the app icon. Available for iOS.

3. Quits

Another one for New Year’s resolutions, Quits is a Windows Phone app that helps you to take control of your bad habits. Tailored towards those who want to stop drinking or smoking, Quits makes great use of the beautiful Windows Phone interface and presents a simple UI with minimal information.

What boils down to a basic counter that will tell you how many days it is since you last did whatever it is you’re trying to kick, the app can also be set to work out how much money you’ve saved in doing it. Available for Windows Phone.

2. Social Interlock

For the night before, Social Interlock is a brilliant idea which denies access to your social networks if you are drunk.

The app judges your level of sobriety by presenting a series of challenges that test your motor skills, designed so that those too drunk will fail and be locked out of Facebook, Twitter etc. A great way of avoiding any embarrassing status updates posted in the early hours of the morning. Available for iOS and Android.

1. Brainwave Hangover

Taking top spot purely for its inventive and unusual nature, Brainwave Hangover is definitely one for the morning after. The premise of the app centres on producing a series of calming audio frequencies that are claimed to relax the human brain and help it to recover from the previous night’s excesses.

Extra features allow users to tailor the sounds to a particular time of day, with calming background sound effects like rain and waves also added to the mix. Available for iOS.

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