Christmas Wish List: The Ultimate Smartphone

This has been a great year for the mobile world and we have seen an abundance of impressive smartphones hit the market, showcasing a great mix of performance and innovative features.

Some of the successes from this year include the iPhone 5, the new Windows Phone 8 platform (that featured on a selection of high and mid-range devices from the likes of Samsung, Nokia and HTC) as well as the Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II, to name but a few of the headlining acts.

Not only do they look good but under the hood they pack some remarkable features that only a few years ago, we wouldn’t have even dreamed were possible.

Touching up on a few of the best features, 2012 has welcomed Wireless Charging, which launched on the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820. Then there was the Nokia 808 PureView which brought the first 41 megapixel camera to a smartphone.

But, to ensure these functionalities reach optimum performance they need a speedy processor and this year Intel’s chipset has become a hugely desired element when seeking out the ‘perfect’ smartphone.

So, just imagine if you were able to select your favourite trimmings to pack into your own handset. We took to our Facebook page to find out what four things our readers would opt for, should they be given the chance to build their own ‘dream smartphone’.

Operating system

Winner: Android

The first question we asked focussed on the operating system reader’s ultimate smartphone would run, and the majority of votes cast were in favour of Android. This may well have something to do with its open-source nature which means a range of manufacturers can adopt Google’s platform to run on lots of different devices. It also means users are easily able to unite all manner of devices to start building their own ecosystem.

Windows Phone wasn’t too far behind as more users start to get to grips with the new software, but on this occasion, and rather surprisingly, iOS didn’t seem an ideal choice for our readers.


Winner: Samsung

When we asked you about your favourite manufacturer there was a clear winner in the form of Samsung. This could well be because the Korean firm is the largest producer of Android devices in the UK, and for the past seven months its flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S III has been crowned the UK’s favourite smartphone.

Once again Apple lagged behind and instead Nokia, one of Microsoft’s biggest supporters, took second place.

Display Size

Winner: 4-5-inches

Smartphone displays are getting larger than ever but Samsung took things one step further and released the hugely popular Galaxy Note hybrid device featuring a generous 5.3-inch screen. Its original ‘phablet’ went down a storm, almost single-handedly creating the ‘phablet’ genre of devices, and the firm has since looked to capitalise on this by releasing its successor in the form of the Galaxy Note II. So it seems the bigger the display, the better, and our readers agreed.

The majority of votes indicated that users would opt for a 4-5-inch screen, and while it seems anything larger would be encroaching on tablet territory, something smaller, between three and four inches, received no votes at all.

Unique Features

Winner: Wireless Charging

Finally, we wanted to know which one of the innovative features from this year’s offerings you would choose to top off your ultimate smartphone creation, and the majority of you voted for wireless charging. It’s still a very new feature but it seems users are keen to see more handsets incorporating the tech in the future.

In second place, was the Intel processor, which can be found on the Motorola RAZR i, the first major European handset to feature this powerful chipset. As smartphones look set to become even more functional next year, we can only hope more manufacturers adopt Intel CPUs, bringing power and performance and streamlining multitasking so that it’s even more lithe than it is now.

So, there we have it. While it would certainly be nice to hand-pick all your favourite features and cram them in to one perfect device, if 2012 is anything to go by, smartphone tech next year looks set to develop so much that our dreams may soon become reality.

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