Nokia Resumes Tablet Program with Possible MWC Launch in its Sights

Rumours gathered back in March that Nokia was hard at work designing a tablet for Microsoft’s then unreleased Windows RT operating system. This wasn’t just idle chatter either, as the company’s VP of design said in an interview that he was spending, “a third of his time,” on the product. His words came soon after Qualcomm and Compal Electronics were rumoured to be putting together a 10-inch slate for Nokia, which would be released before the end of 2012.

As we know, this hasn’t happened, and a new report from Digitimes explains why. It appears Microsoft, in a twist of irony, caused Nokia to think twice about supporting Windows RT at an early stage by releasing the Surface RT tablet. Nokia decided to hold off and wait to see how the market reacted.

Now though, it has deemed the market ready, and has restarted development of its first Windows RT tablet. Again, it’s Qualcomm and Compal Electronics as partners, and the tablet will have a 10-inch screen. A run of 200,000 will be released initially, but no firm technical details were mentioned. What was hinted at though is its release date, and it could be during Mobile World Congress in February.

Microsoft’s Surface has caused problems with its hardware partners, with Acer, Dell and others all deciding against releasing their own Windows RT tablets once the Surface was announced. Why Nokia feels the time is right to unleash its own Windows RT tablet isn’t clear, but it’ll be interesting to see what it does with the software, and if it can bring its Lumia phone style to the tablet market.

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