Dialaphone Heroes: Nintendo Game Boy

The Game Boy was Nintendo’s second handheld system following the Game & Watch series introduced by the company in 1980.

Originally developed to bridge the gap between the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Nintendo Game & Watch, the soon-to-be-iconic console made its debut in Japan in 1989.

Despite many other superior handheld consoles being introduced during its life time the Game Boy was a huge success and the sales results exceed expectations. By 1992, the Game Boy had sold over 32 million units, propelling it to a position where it dominated the market.

Nintendo produced interchangeable cartridges for the Game Boy, featuring high quality gaming titles and content, which for its time, looked sharp on the high tech Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and delivered graphics in black and green.

It also came bundled with the puzzle game Tetris and featured multi-link gaming via a port that connected one or more devices for a multiplayer gaming experience.

Its design was the most iconic in the Game Boy family, with the screen taking up the top half of the device and the lower section dedicated to speakers and controls.

The original Game Boy was an enormous success for Nintendo, transforming the gaming industry, securing the handheld’s place in video game history and paving the way for the portable gaming devices we see today.

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