Weekly Web Highlight: Pusher White Christmas

Here at Dialaphone we’re all for spreading some Christmas cheer so when we stumbled upon this festive number we thought it only right that we shared it with you as this week’s Weekly Web Highlight.

The concept of the site is simple – it’s an online Christmas card created by digital agency Pusher that instantly transforms your location into a white Christmas by using the details you enter.

Once you’ve made your way on over to Pusher you’ll be presented with a festive-looking fireplace and a note asking you to key in the house number, road name, area and postcode of where you’ll be celebrating Christmas this year. And, thanks to the wonders of modern technology the vision before your very eyes will be immediately recognisable (the site uses Google Street View data to present you with an image of the location you entered).

The card first appeared online last year when Pusher sent it out to 100 of its clients. Within a matter of days it had been picked up and posted on various design news sites and quickly went viral in the week leading up to Christmas, continuing into the New Year and receiving more than 100,000 visitors in less than four weeks.

You’ll need Flash player to enable the site to work, but once you’ve got it installed you’ll find this very simple idea goes a long way to getting you into the festive spirit.

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