Samsung Releases Cryptic CES 2013 Teaser Video

Samsung is preparing us for an exciting Computer Entertainment Show 2013, which will take place in the new year, as it has released a short teaser video filled with gushing buzzwords and a dramatic soundtrack. Lasting just 18 seconds, the video says, “The World Awaits”, at which time it frantically streams words such as Wonder, Innovation, The Future and Technology across the screen.

“Something new,” it says, “get ready,” and then provides the dates of CES 2013. It’s at this point we hoped for a quick glimpse of whichever product Samsung is most proud of, but instead the video ends. Our minds immediately jump to new smartphones or tablets, but CES isn’t only about mobile, and Samsung sells plenty of other products too, so the video could be teasing just about any consumer electronics product.

Some have said the company will show the sequel to the Galaxy S III, but this doesn’t sound right, as it’s less than a year since it went on sale and is still selling incredibly well. There’s no need for Samsung to break the annual update cycle. New tablets are a possibility, as is a flexible screen device, which Samsung is rumoured to have been preparing for a while.

During CES 2012, Samsung announced plenty of televisions, laptops and ultrabooks, plus several US-only 4G phones, a couple of 4G LTE tablets and the AT&T version of the Galaxy Note smartphone/tablet hybrid.We’ve not got long to wait until CES 2013, as the show begins on 8 January 2013 and continues until 11 January. In the meantime, we’ll look out for another, but slightly less cryptic teaser video.


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