First Look at BlackBerry 10 Hardware Comes via RIM Website

It’s a little over a month until Research in Motion launches BlackBerry 10, and ever since it announced its special 30 January event, it has sent out a steady stream of officially sanctioned snippets of information and press releases regarding new products. The latest is our first glimpse of RIM’s new hardware, and it’s not quite as detailed as we would have hoped.

The picture has shown up on the official BlackBerry 10 webpage, along with the chance to register for email updates on the new operating system. Sadly, we can’t see much of the device itself, just the rear panel. Covered with a textured – and very modern looking – texture, the only other feature is the traditional BlackBerry logo.

We know two new BB10 phones will be launched at the end of January, the all-touch N Series and the QWERTY-equipped L Series, and we’re guessing it’s the former we’re seeing in the picture. The front of the L Series device is likely to resemble RIM’s Dev Alpha handset, sent to developers in order to test applications, but it’s good to see the rear won’t be the same flat, featureless expanse of that device too.

The last major piece of news from RIM was the beta release of BBM Voice, and the launch of the Dev Alpha C handset, which has been styled on the QWERTY N Series device. Research in Motion will hold its global BlackBerry 10 launch event on January 30, and the hardware is expected to be on sale within 30 days.


2 thoughts on “First Look at BlackBerry 10 Hardware Comes via RIM Website

  1. Its about time RIM took this action in keeping pace with the other manufacturers ie samsung nokia etc, they had a rock solid “fan base” who deserved that the company looked after their needs, and not bringing out hurried inferior products such as the storm.Hopefully this new model will repay the loyalty to those fans who have remained faithfull to the RIM brand

    • Hi, Paul

      We’re certainly looking forward to seeing how BB10 performs when the first devices emerge. We’ve already had a quick hands-on look at the software and you can find out what we thought here.

      Do you have any other questions about RIM’s upcoming new platform?


      Chris, Dialaphone

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