Premium Suite Update Coming to Galaxy S III Phones Soon

The recent addition of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean made the already great Galaxy S III even better, but Samsung hasn’t finished with its flagship phone yet, as it has announced a forthcoming update to Android 4.1.2, which will include a welcome surprise.

That surprise is called the Premium Suite, a collection of new features and software tweaks designed to enhance the user experience. Some features are new, and others are being ported over from the Galaxy Note II. Samsung has provided a detailed rundown of what will be included, along with a demo video too.

The Premium Suite’s features are split into two different sections, Enhanced Features and Contextual Awareness. Enhanced Features brings a Reader mode, which will be familiar to anyone who has used Safari on the iPhone or iPad, as it blocks out distractions such as images and adverts to focus on a site’s text. Next is Facebook Lock Ticker, which adds your Facebook news feed to the device’s homescreen, and NFC can now be used to share photos with friends just by tapping phones together.

Finally, as seen on the Galaxy Note II, split-screen app support will come to the Galaxy S III, allowing the big-screen phone to operate two apps at once. That’s it for Enhanced Features. Moving on to Contextual Awareness, here the features are designed to save you time, such as plugging in your headphones automatically opens the music player, apps can be listed alphabetically or by frequency of use, and pictures can be tagged with location, weather and personal information as soon as it’s taken.

All this sounds great, and there’s more to come too, as the video is part one in a series, so look out for more on the S III’s Premium Suite soon. Samsung hasn’t provided a release date for the update.

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