Google Updates YouTube iOS App

Ever since Apple decided to remove the standard YouTube app from its iOS mobile operating system, those with iPads have had to make do with using Safari, or adding their own shortcut to the video site on a homepage. The reason for this was that Google, in its infinite wisdom, had created its own YouTube app for iOS, but only for the iPhone.

iPhone owners weren’t much better off either, as the app was seriously lacking in features, and if you owned the latest iPhone 5, it wasn’t compatible with the larger screen either. A poor show all round from the usually reliable Google.

That has all be solved with the latest update to the YouTube app though, and it’s a substantial improvement. First, it’s now a universal app for the iPhone and the iPad, so we can all delete that silly shortcut. Next, it’s now native for the iPhone 5, so it makes full use of the 4-inch screen.

The new feature list continues with the addition of AirPlay, so videos played on your phone or tablet can be instantly streamed to iTunes or to Apple TV. This was one of the best features of the old YouTube app, and sorely missed from the new one until today. Videos can also be added and removed from playlists through the app, links to other videos now appear in descriptions and the performance has been improved too.

Google’s YouTube app is available for free through iTunes now, and if you already own it, check for an update and don’t forget to add it to your iPad too.

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