Samsung Galaxy S III is Still the UK’s Number One Favourite Smartphone

Online comparison website uSwitch has published its December research paper covering the UK mobile phone market, and it shows the Samsung Galaxy S III has lost none of its sheen, as it remains the UK’s favourite smartphone. The quad-core phone retains its top spot in uSwitch‘s top ten chart for the seventh month in a row, beating Apple’s iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 into second and third position.

That’s right, the iPhone 4S is ranked above the phone which replaced it in Apple‘s range, the iPhone 5. It appears customers are more attracted by the 4S’s lowered price tag and established design, than they are the iPhone 5′s larger screen and updated hardware specifications. This could all change over Christmas though, when the cut price iPhone 4S may not be quite so desirable as the latest model.

So, that’s the Galaxy S III at number one, the 16GB black iPhone 4S at two and the 16GB black iPhone 5 at three. Which phones occupy the remaining spots? Position four is taken up by the Samsung Galaxy S II, having fallen from second position after it was usurped by the iPhone 4S. In fifth it’s the new LG Nexus 4, proving some people were able to buy one before it sold out, and in sixth it’s the Samsung Galaxy Ace followed by the Galaxy Note II in seventh.

In eighth place it’s the affordable Sony Xperia U, in ninth the HTC One X+ and finally, in tenth, it’s yet another Samsung phone – the Galaxy Ace 2. Its entry brings Samsung’s total to five devices in the top ten, a remarkable feat.

Will the Galaxy S III stay at the top of the list for an eighth month? It’s going to be a difficult month, as the iPhone is always a popular Christmas present. If an Apple phone does manage to take the top spot, we wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be the iPhone 4S.

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