Will.i.am Launches Pricey i.am+ iPhone Accessory Range

Black Eyed Peas singer and frontman Will.i.am has kept his promise to launch a range of iPhone accessories centered around the smartphone’s camera, taking the wraps off the i.am+ add-ons at a predictably glitzy London event this week. The range consists of not one but three different models, but they’re perhaps not quite what we expected.

Bearing inexplicable names, they’re also shockingly expensive, and we’d question whether they’ll have a wide appeal. Here’s what you need to know. The basic model has been called the foto.sosho C.4 (see what we mean) and it wraps around your iPhone to make it easier to hold, as it’s shaped like a regular camera. It has a built-in flash and three different lenses – a macro, fish-eye and clear glass, and costs a not inconsiderable £199.

Next we have the foto.sosho V.4, which does the same as the C.4, but is styled like an old-timey camera and adds a slide-out, back-lit QWERTY keyboard to the package, which uses Bluetooth to connect to the phone. Yes, really. Quite why anyone would want this isn’t explained, and neither is the £299 price tag.

If you’re wondering where the 14 megapixel camera add-on is, then it wasn’t really present at the event, and will be coming next year instead. Named the foto.sosho V.5, it’ll apparently use its own 14 megapixel sensor and provide a 5x zoom too. It’ll only work with the iPhone 5, whereas the others are only available for the iPhone 4 and 4S, however the price hasn’t been confirmed. Judging by the others, expect it to border on the astronomical.

Obviously designed and packaged to attract the hipsters and fashionistas of the world, if the idea of such gadgets appeals, then you’ll have to head to Selfridges in London from 6 December to pick one up, as they’ve bagged an exclusive deal to stock them. Don’t all rush at once.

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