First Windows Phone 8 Update Expected at Mobile World Congress 2013

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system has only just come out, and already the company is hard at work on its first update, however, it’s not likely to be made available until next year. According to The Verge, the update has the codename Apollo Plus, and it will be a basic update with only a few new features.

The update takes its name from the original codename for Windows Phone 8, which was simply known as Apollo, and its lack of meaty new content follows on from Microsoft’s approach to Windows Phone 7. Its first update, known as NoDo, included bug fixes and basic features such as copy and paste, and arrived several months after the OS’s release.

Apollo Plus will also fix some known bugs inside Windows Phone 8, such as allowing the OS to maintain a Wi-Fi connection when sleeping, plus it will likely add VPN support too. Although this feature won’t interest many regular users, it plays an important part in Microsoft’s plan to bring Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 to businesses. This will also be the first Windows Phone update to be delivered over-the-air, a feature that’s new for WP8.

There could be other features being prepared for Apollo Plus too, as it’s speculated that Microsoft couldn’t include everything it wanted to when WP8 was released due to time constraints, so these presumably minor features could all appear too.

Microsoft is expected to talk about Apollo Plus during Mobile World Congress 2013, which begins in 25 February.

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