HERE Maps by Nokia Now Available for iOS

Nokia Maps is one of the most respected mobile mapping apps available, so it was good news to hear of an impending release for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 last week, when the company revealed its new branding. Now called HERE Maps, it’s a fully featured navigation app that works on most mobile platforms, as well as through an HTML5 website.

The good news is, HERE Maps has been made available for iOS today, ahead of its Android and WP8 releases. Why for iOS first? Because it’s Nokia’s chance to grab as many disgruntled Apple Maps users as it can, before either it gets noticeably better, or Google Maps arrives on the scene.

Covering nearly 200 countries around the world, HERE Maps also offers access to community maps, plus best of all, maps can be saved and browsed offline – perfect for when you’re travelling. Upon opening the app users get a choice of adding live traffic information or public transport routes to the standard map view too.

Although voice-guidance isn’t available for driving or public transport, it is for walking, which covers not only streets, but also pedestrian areas and parks. Other features include email and social network sharing, a search feature and the chance to save locations for future reference.

It’s available as a free download from the iTunes App Store right now, and amazingly, is compatible with both the iPhone and the iPad, plus Nokia has enhanced the app for the iPhone 5′s longer screen too.

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