Dialaphone Heroes: Samsung Galaxy Note

It’s only been around for little more than a year but the Samsung Galaxy Note could and should be marked as a key turning point in the world of mobile technology. It was the first tablet/smartphone hybrid device and propelled the term “phablet” into the public consciousness, gaining a whole new following of fans in the process.

The Samsung Galaxy Note made its grand appearance at the end of last year and bought with it an abundance of innovative features including the huge 5.3 inch HD super AMOLED screen and “Advanced Smart Pen” stylus which helped set the Note apart from the crowd.

Surprisingly, the big phone trend first came into existence in 2010 when Dell unveiled the Dell Streak, but it never really caught on. When Samsung launched the Galaxy Note it wasn’t short of critics, but the Korean firm shifted 10 million devices in just 10 months highlighting the popularity among those wanting the tablet-like screen and processing power.

Most recently, the Galaxy Note II has hit the shelves and once again the popularity of the oversized device has proved that the phablet concept is far more than just a novelty. While we’re sure it won’t be long before other manufacturers catch on it remains to be seen how future phablet devices will improve on these already very impressive offerings.

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