Samsung Could be Working on a 1080p Smartphone

Once one starts, they all want a piece of the action, as according to a new report Samsung is busily working on a smartphone with a 1080p display too. Last week, HTC announced the 1080p Droid DNA for the Verizon network in the USA, which is a re-branded edition of the J Butterfly for the Japanese market.

We’ve also had reports of LG working on a similarly-sized 1080p display, Sharp has also started production of 1080p screens (and has launched an Aquos phone in Russia using one of them), plus Sony could also introduce its Full HD Yuga in early 2013. It’s safe to say, Full HD 1080p displays are going to be one of the top features of the coming year.

Now, it’s Samsung’s turn. A Korean publication has indicated the company will put its 1080p screens, measuring 5-inches, on display at CES 2013, the huge electronics show held in Las Vegas in early January. It’ll be a Full HD version of its super AMOLED panel, 720p versions of which are already on use on most of its top-end Galaxy hardware.

Of course, any talk of a new Samsung innovation is instantly linked with the next version of its Galaxy S super phone, and a 5-inch 1080p screen would be a great – and not entirely implausible – addition to the inevitable Galaxy S IV. We’re not expecting to hear much about the S IV during either of the aforementioned shows, as Samsung will probably hold a dedicated event around May to announce its arrival.

A 5-inch Samsung screen may be a little too large for the S IV though, and may fit in better with the Galaxy Note III – another phone likely to be introduced next year.

Regardless if it’s on either of these two handsets, or an entirely new model, we can’t wait to see what Samsung has in store for us at CES 2013.

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