New Super Phone Coming from Sony in Early 2013

Sony has started teasing us about its future smartphone plans, after a spokesperson for the company mentioned it would be bringing out a new top-of-the-range device early next year.

The comment was made by Dennis van Schie, Sony’s sales and marketing boss, who was speaking to the German edition of the Financial Times, where he made the company’s intentions very clear. He said “in the near future, we will create a flagship model that can compete with Apple’s iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S III”.

Some may argue Sony’s Xperia T is capable of competing – it’s James Bond’s phone of choice, after all – but obviously Sony isn’t quite convinced by its ability.

So what could it be planning? Sony has maintained that it wouldn’t be releasing a quad-core phone until 2013, preferring to stick with dual-core power this year, and considering most major Android devices now use such a chip, it’s probably time for them to upgrade.

Another possibility is that Sony will introduce a smartphone/tablet hybrid. It has previously been rumoured to be experimenting with a 5-inch display with a 1080p display - known as the Yuga. This, combined with the quad-core chip, is likely to be the template for some of the most exciting hardware to come in the next 12 months.

The FT‘s article speculated that Sony would talk more about its new super phone during both CES 2013, which starts in early January, and Mobile World Congress, which comes in late February. This could be a repeat of this year’s events, where the Xperia Ion was announced at CES as a US-only model, then as the Xperia S in Europe during MWC.

Knowing Sony’s great designs, it’ll be good to see them matched with exciting technical features too.

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