Weekly Web Highlight: Colossal Art & Visual Ingenuity

This week’s sojourn into the depths of the internet saw  we us stumble upon the Colossal,  Art & Visual Ingenuity a blog which explores interesting examples of art, design, physical craft from artists across the globe.

Of all the weird and wonderful examples of art contained within the work  of German artist Cornelia Konrads and her selection of mind-bending, gravity defying land art installations particularly caught the eye.

Konrads work uses public spaces, sculpture parks and private gardens around the world and is frequently punctuated by the illusion of weightlessness and levitation, with stacked objects like fences, logs and doorways landscapes appearing to be suspended in mid-air.

Also featuring on Colossal is one of her most recent sculptures, the Schleudersitz, a mammoth slingshot made using a wishbone shaped tree and a park bench. Visitors to the website can even experience sitting inside the slingshot thanks to an innovative 360 degree view of the construction.

Konrad’s scenes of gravity-defying installations are just a tiny snippet of the wonderful posts featuring on the Colossal blog.

Other personal favourites include the Top 20 section which periodically updates with the  most viewed artist creations, and the extensive archive section which is bursting with fascinating animations, instillations,  sculptures and much more.

Despite the site being based in Chicago, its unique content comes from far and wide and it’s great to see lots of UK (particularly London) inspired works and artists having a solid presence.

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