Google Maps Edges Closer to iOS Release

Ever since Google Maps was removed from iOS with the introduction if iOS 6, iPhone users have been patiently waiting for news on the arrival of a standalone Google Maps app. According to a new report in the Wall Street Journal, for a few key individuals outside the company, the wait is over.

Apparently, a lucky few outside Google’s inner circle have recently received a test version of Google Maps for iOS, while the company puts the finishing touches to the app before submitting it to Apple for approval. The report doesn’t provide any information on the app, or an indication of when it will be sent through to Apple’s App Store team.

Apple also removed its standard YouTube app from iOS 6 too, prompting Google to quickly release its own version, which has yet to be made into a universal app suitable for the iPad. In place of Google Maps, Apple launched its own maps service, which hasn’t been all that successful due to a lack of detail and concerns over accuracy.

This week Nokia announced it was ready to submit an iOS app of its newly re-branded maps service named Here. It will be free to download and provide the usual navigational services, and it appeared it would certainly beat Google Maps into the iTunes App Store.

Google has always maintained it wanted Google Maps to be available on every device for everyone to use, but it has remained quiet concerning an official Google Maps app release. Perhaps it won’t be long now until we get official word that one is coming soon.

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