Nokia Launches Legal Challenge Against HTC

Nokia is launching legal action against one of its major Windows Phone 8 competitors by filing complaints against HTC.

The Finnish firm has filed 32 separate patent suits against the Taiwanese manufacturer, which will be heard in a number of courtrooms in the US and Germany.

HTC has only recently settled a patent dispute with Apple that had been running for over two years. The two firms have signed a ten year licensing deal on the use of intellectual property owned by each company.

Many of the patents Nokia accuses HTC of infringing relate to the way in which mobile devices connect to networks and methods of tethering devices to a handset.

That some of the proceedings have been launched in Germany comes as no surprise – the European nation has recently become a battleground for lawsuits amongst technology companies due to its fast and efficient legal process. Apple and Motorola have already fought each other in German courtrooms this year.

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