Weekly Web Highlight: Instagram Web Profiles

Since photo-sharing app Instagram launched in late 2010 it has existed solely on smartphones, beginning on iOS and eventually appearing on Android too.

The app’s userbase grew to enormous levels (now in excess of 100 million) and it saw a high-profile buyout by social networking giant Facebook. But Instagram resolutely stayed as it had since its inception, existing only on mobile.

Third-party projects such as Webstagram and Statigram tried to cash-in on the success of the photo-sharing app but its developers stuck to their roots and kept their creation in its original form – until now.

This week Instagram web profiles launched, a dedicated web page showing each user’s photos. Looking not unlike a Facebook profile, the pages feature a selection of images at the top which rotate automatically, with all other pictures shown below.

Whilst very basic at the moment and lacking even the option to click through to other user’s profiles, there’s huge scope for it to grow and grow. Further integration with Facebook looks likely too.

Nevertheless, the web profiles have caused quite some excitement around the Dialaphone office this week, especially since the piecemeal introduction of them has meant that some members of the editorial team have had them activated before others.

The roll-out should be completed within a few days and we look forward to seeing where Instagram’s developers take it.

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