Samsung Shows why it’s the Current King of Android Phones with new Sales Figures

Samsung has released some sales statistics for its two flagship Android smartphones, the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II. A press release on its Korean Samsung Tomorrow blog shows that the big tablet/smartphone hybrid, the Galaxy Note II, has already racked up 3 million sales, and that has taken just 37 days to achieve.

Having been released in Korea at the end of September, Samsung pushed the Note II into the UK and Europe soon afterwards, with the US following at the end of October. The big-screen device has always been viewed as one for a very niche crowd though, and while the sales are impressive, it can’t match the might of the Galaxy S III.

chart published by Samsung Poland shows the S III has now reached worldwide sales of 30 million, and has done so in only 5 months. The Galaxy S II previously managed to hit 30 million too, but it took that phone 14 months, while the Galaxy S reached 20 million in 17 months.

Apart from the sales, this all shows not only how smartphones have increased in popularity over the past few years – the Galaxy S was released in early 2010 – but also how Samsung has become the go-to manufacturer for great Android phones.

The latest IDC market share chart backs this up, putting Samsung way out in front of the competition with a 31.3% market share. Apple comes next with 15%, followed by RIM, ZTE and HTC, with 4.3%, 4.2% and 4.0% respectively. Nokia fell out of IDC’s top five list for the first time since it began taking records in 2004.

Samsung continues to announce interesting new devices too, including the Galaxy S III Mini and the Galaxy Premier, plus it has made the new Nexus 10 tablet for Google.

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