Livescribe Launches Smartpen Stores Notes in the Cloud

A digital smartpen manufacturer has announced the launch of a new product that puts a new spin on traditional pen and paper-based note taking.

The Sky Wi-Fi smartpen from Californian tech company  Livescribe allows users to take notes and voice recordings which can then can be stored in the cloud and played back from a laptop, PC or tablet.

This will be the third version of the smartpen and as with previous iterations, uses special ‘dot paper’ – standard paper printed with a unique pattern of microdots which then maps all written notes and audio to that exact page and location so as to enable the viewing of them on a PC or tablet device.

Livescribe has joined forces with cloud storage service provider Evernote for the launch of this latest model, enabling the Sky pen to automatically sync notes to an online notebook which can be accessed remotely across a number of devices.

During a launch event in Australia Livescribe co-founder and executive vice president Sasha Pesic said: “If I’m a tablet owner, do I still care about note taking? Do I still care about pen and paper? The answer is yes.

“Our vision is that every person that uses a pen today will be using a wireless smartpen in the future that’s connected to their digital devices.”

By partnering with Evernote, Livescribe hopes to create an ecosystem where users have immediate access to their notes regardless of location or device. Once the Sky pen has been synced wirelessly using Livescribe notebook the pen sends the notes to the cloud before connecting with Evernote’s servers. A new HTML5 player also offers playback of the digital notes on all web browsers as well as mobile devices.

The Sky Wi-Fi smartpen is available in 2GB, with 200 hours of audio recording, 4GB, with 400 hours, and 8GB capable of up to 800 hours.

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