Panasonic Says Goodbye to European Market

Times are hard in the global electronics market, and Panasonic is one of those companies which is struggling to keep up. Last year, the company announced it would once again sell smartphones in Europe, where it hoped to capitalise on the growing interest, but has now decided to withdraw after less than stellar results.

If you aren’t Samsung or Apple, the European smartphone market is tough, with many other companies finding it difficult to achieve the same degree of popularity as Samsung’s Galaxy series and Apple’s iPhone.

Panasonic released two phones at Mobile World Congress earlier this year, the Eluga and Eluga Power, the latter of which should have become a challenger to the Galaxy Note. However, neither were a common sight in the UK, with sales often restricted to certain European regions instead, making import the only way to buy one.

The president of the company explained where it had gone wrong in its approach, saying “We believed that we would be able to make profits by selling uniform smartphones around the world, but we now realise that Japanese consumers are seeing functions that are unique to the local market.”

It’s a shame, as one less company selling smartphones means less competition and ultimately, less choice for us. Panasonic’s intentions were good, but it never followed through, and a potentially great phone – the Eluga Power – was left on the sidelines at a time when it should have been racking up sales.

It’s not the first time Panasonic has left Europe either, as it previously stopped sales in 2005 too.

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