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A growing number of smartphones can now record high definition video, either in 720p or 1080p, and as mobile devices become more integrated into our everyday lives we are relying on them for almost everything these days, including capturing our fondest memories.

But, to turn those shaky home videos into something to cherish forever, more and more developers are finding ways to transform basic footage into quality clips, by trimming, adding overlays and effects bringing a new dimension to smartphone camera technology.

We’ve taken a look at some of the most innovative movie making apps currently on the market, from those that let users upload videos in an instant to others that offer editing capabilities not possible even just a few years ago.

5. Vimeo

Supporting one of the largest databases of video content, Vimeo has established itself as a key site for users to share, discover and pick up tips from fellow film makers. The official app packs in all off its best bits, allowing the creative juices to flow and an easy platform from which to exhibit creations with the rest of the world.

The simple interface is well-designed and navigation is easy, providing quick access to the impressive video-editing tools, integrated video uploader and ample sharing options.

Once a user profile is set up, users are able to watch and manage videos and download them to their camera roll, regardless of whether it’s raw or edited footage. It’s really easy to use and is great for editing videos for the first time. Available for Android and iOS.

4. Vintagio

This unique app that lets users transform shots grabbed via a smartphone into silent and vintage movies. Editing options are easy to apply and include Instagram-esque post-production filters such as 20s movie, 60s and 70s home video, black and white, sepia and vintage sepia.

Further customisation options are also available to add flourish to footage including adding an audio track and adjusting the video speed and quality. Recording can be done from inside the app or a saved video file can be selected and then edited, although importing a file and then adding the effects afterwards seems to work much better.

Vintagio is a great way to transform videos and with social networking integration allowing the sharing of the final product via , Facebook and YouTube, offers a hassle-free platform for showcasing your movie-making endeavours.  Available for iOS.

3. Video Star

Video Star boasts heaps of real-time effects that aim to put you at the centre of your own homespun music videos. It’s great for music lovers and while it may appear to be more of a novelty app rather than a serious production tool, it’ll certainly bring hours of fun. A simple and responsive interface features a range of built-in effects and filters and there’s even the option for users to create your own.

The process is simple, choose a song from iTunes collection and launch it within the app. Then, lip sync, dance or shoot anything you like. Recording can be stopped and started at any time and when you return it’ll pick up exactly where you left off.

It’s not an app for everybody, but it’s certainly fun and will provide an afternoon of hilarity amonst friends and will appleal to those with children. Available for iOS.

2. Lapse It; Time Lapse Pro

As the title might suggest, Lapse It; Time Lapse Pro is a time-lapse and stop-motion photography app, developed especially for Android devices.

Time lapse is a photography technique that provides an accelerated view of slowly changing events such as cloud movement, seasons changing and tides turning. Such is the level of detail the app goes to, users can really see the otherwise undetectable patterns that slowly emerge in everyday life.

There’s a range of stylish camera effects and the chance add audio tracks from your iPod as backing music. An attractive user interface is easy to navigate and viewing shots both during and after customisation doesn’t prevent any kind of problems at all. It’s really easy to use and the app even puts all shots together, locking exposure and focus settings, so there’s no accidental light leaks in the final cut.

Rendering is avaialable at up to 1080p but selecting this option does use quite a lot of batter power and takes a while to complete. Available for Android.

1. iMovie

Although iMovie is only compatible with devices running iOS, it’s an excellent way to create Hollywood-style HD movies, trailers, or professional looking home videos.

A fun and powerful application, iMovie ticks all the right boxes and the movie trailer feature is particularly intuitive. The trailers feature helps set this app apart from the rest and brings heaps of functionality, from creating your own storyboards to personalising the credits and studio logo.

High-quality soundtracks are also available to add as audio accompaniment to trailers, whether it’s the entire clip or specific selections to add to the mood of the footage you’re creating.

As video editing apps go this one offers users a unique easy-to-use multi-track editing experience helping  turn home videos into your favourite films. The latest version of iMovie is a significantly larger file than previous iterations so it’ll take a while to download and it’s advisable to do so over Wi-Fi to save data costs.

All in all, iMovie is an excellent all-rounder providing scope to expand your creativity and really get to grips with video editing on a mobile device. Available for iOS.

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