Huawei Ascend Mate With 6.1-Inch Display Leaks Online

A new smartphone, under the name of Huawei Ascend Mate, sporting a huge 6.1-inch screen, has leaked on the Chinese manufacturer’s website.

The device, spotted by Chinese site and translated by UnwiredView, reportedly features a powerful 1.8GHz quad-core processor supported by 2GB of RAM. The screen is equally impressive and is rumoured to offer full 1080p resolution.

If these specs are anything to go by the device would occupy a place in the market just above the Samsung Galaxy Note II, putting it among the most powerful smartphones in the world. Many will no doubt debate whether its oversized display places the handset into the realms of the tablet rather than a smartphone.

The 5.5-inch display on the Galaxy Note II already pushes screen dimensions to the limit and anything larger could really struggle to win over critics, who were quick to judge the first Samsung Galaxy Note.

At this stage there’s still no word on whether the Huawei Mate also features a stylus, which Samsung has shown can be a hugely functional and innovative feature. If the Mate chooses to offer a similar S-Pen stylus, Huawei will really need to push its impressive specs and perhaps price the Mate competitively in order to make inroads into the ‘phablet’ market Samsung already looks to have annexed.

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