Android 4.2 Glimpsed in Video Clip

With the latest version of Google’s mobile OS beginning to roll-out to high-end handsets, rumours have begun to emerge about what the platform’s next iteration will bring.

Bloggers at Android-themed site AndroidPolice have managed to get their hands on what they claim is a very early test version of the software, revealing some minor but interesting additions to the user interface.

In a very short video clip, a writer from the blog demonstrates how the next version of Android appears to have an extra pull-down menu, accessed in a similar way to the notifications bar on current Android versions.

As on many iterations of Google’s mobile platform (and on recent versions of iOS), pulling down from the top of the display brings up a list of messages, appointments and updates. In the video, when the screen is swiped downwards for a second time another screen emerges which, at the moment, bears a placeholder card reading “Future site of quick settings”.

While certainly not a major upgrade to the software, the addition of a quick settings menu could prove to be very welcome. Motorola’s recent RAZR i included its own simplified settings menu which pulled out from the left-hand side of the homescreen and proved to be incredibly useful when we reviewed the device.

Also worth noting in the video is that the handset on which the demonstration is performed is claimed to be a prototype of the LG Nexus, the much-rumoured next iteration of the range of handsets which run Google’s stock Android software with no manufacturer overlays.

Whilst it is seems unlikely that Android 4.2 will be anywhere near ready in time for the launch of the LG Device, it is very interesting to get a first look at what the platform may have to offer in the future. You can take a look at the video clip below:

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