Google Draws-Up Guidelines for Android Tablet Apps

Google has released a checklist for Android tablet app developers, with the search giant seemingly understanding that the success of the Nexus 7 has caused a sea-change in the market for larger devices running its mobile platform.

The list lays out a number of guidelines for software engineers, many of which focus on ensuring that apps look good on the larger display of a tablet.

With the first generation of Android tablets not having seen a great deal of success amongst consumers some developers have been scared away from creating apps for such devices.

This has then created a vicious circle, in which Android tablets appear to be a lower-quality option due to the lack of apps specifically configured for them.

However, the Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire have (in the US at least) reignited interest, with the smaller tablet devices having found a niche in the market and appealed to consumers.

Other criteria on Google’s new checklist include the adjustment of font and widget sizes and ensuring that hardware which may not be present on a tablet is not essential for the use of the app.

One example, Instapaper, saw a 600% increase in downloads as pre-orders of the Nexus 7 began to be delivered to consumers, with the app having been specifically designed with larger Android devices in mind.

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