Analyst Predicts March 2013 Release for BlackBerry 10

Troubled smartphone manufacturer Research in Motion may not be able to launch its company-saving BlackBerry 10 operating system, and its accompanying phones, until March 2013 at the earliest. While RIM doesn’t appear to have said so itself, this is Jefferies analyst Peter Misek’s prediction.

Found in a research note by, the message is quite clear: “We had hoped for a January launch but now see a March launch as more likely.”

BlackBerry 10 has been delayed several times already, and the last we heard – from RIM CEO Thorsten Heins, no less — is that we should expect both the touchscreen and QWERTY phones in January 2013.

Last month, Research in Motion held its BlackBerry 10 Jam Americas conference, but no further mention was made of any release date for BB10, aside from it being during the first quarter of the coming year. March fits in with this schedule, but only just, and it leaves little room for further delays if the company wants to stick to its own, self-imposed deadline.

As things go from bad to worse for RIM, Misek also predicts that between now and then, it’s unlikely that anybody will be licensing BlackBerry 10 – one of Heins’ hopes for the new OS – and a similarly low chance of an outright acquisition too.

With a five to sixth month wait possible for BlackBerry 10, the outlook is grim for RIM, as Apple and Google continue to gain ground in both consumer and enterprise markets, and Microsoft gears up to release Windows Phone 8.

Let’s hope, for RIM’s sake, that Misek’s predictions are wrong.


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