Microsoft to Make Windows Phone 8 Official on October 29

While there have been plenty of hardware announcements made concerning Windows Phone 8, their launch has always been a mystery. Microsoft was the cause of the problem, as it had not committed to an official release date for its software, therefore forcing the hardware manufacturers to do the same.

Finally though, we’ve got something a little more solid than “before the end of the year” to go on, as Microsoft has started inviting the press to a launch event on 29 October  on San Francisco. The accompanying image confirms that we’ll “meet Windows Phone 8″ and just in case anyone is still confused, there’s a Windows Phone showing a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge.

We know what you’re thinking: We’ve already met Windows Phone 8, when it was revealed back in June. While this is true, it was only a taster of what was to come, and Microsoft has always said it’s holding some things back for the official launch.

We can expect a complete rundown of all the major new features, along with a series of release dates, including that of the Windows Phone 7.8 update for existing Windows Phone handsets. Don’t expect Microsoft to reveal individual street dates for phones, but do expect their respective manufacturers to send out press releases of their own.

Additionally, Microsoft will be holding an event on 25 October  too, where it will introduce Windows 8 – which is set for release on 26 October 26 – as well as its Surface tablets. We still don’t know much about Microsoft’s latest adventure into hardware manufacturing, including whether they’ll be available in the UK or not.

Expect everything related to Windows 8 all to be revealed on 25, 26 and 29 October.

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