Samsung Galaxy S III Mini Coming Soon?

The latest Samsung rumour concerns a smaller version of the Galaxy S III, potentially named the Galaxy S III Mini, which is sure to upset Apple should it decide to include the word “Mini” in the name of its much-rumoured tiny tablet.

Tedious legal issues aside, the story of the S III Mini is a strange one, as its existence seems to be due to an analyst suggesting such a device is a “possibility”. This has now been backed up by a Samsung event invitation, saying “That’s how big small can be”.

Why is it strange? Because the invite is in German, and so far none have been circulated in English. The event is supposedly set for 11 October, so Samsung best get going if it’s true, as that’s less than a week away. If you’re wondering why the invite is said to be for an “S” phone, it’s because the S logo can be seen in the background.

The phone is said to have a 4-inch touchscreen — which when compared to the S III’s 4.8-inch panel, could be deemed “small” – a 5 megapixel camera and obviously, an Android operating system. It would also cost less to buy than the S III.

Samsung’s smartphone range is bewilderingly large as it is, and it has already used the Mini name tag once – for the Galaxy Mini and Galaxy Mini 2 – so the rumoured name may not be used when, or if, the phone is announced. Surprisingly, Samsung doesn’t have much in-between the S III and the Galaxy Ace 2, so a mid-to-high range device would make some sense.

However, we’re not sure this invitation applies to a new phone. For a start, Samsung usually calls its device announcements “Unpacked” events, and there’s no mention of that here, and it’s only being held in the Frankfurt Samsung Mobile Store. Hardly the ideal location for a high profile phone launch.

We’d be pleased to be proven wrong though, and wait to see what other details concerning this event and the mysterious S III Mini emerge in the meantime.

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