Dialaphone Heroes: Motorola RAZR

In 2003 the Motorola brand image really started to emerge following the release of the original Motorola RAZR. It was a functional and unique looking device employing the now iconic clamshell form factor that quickly made it a hit with style-conscious users.

Although it housed an average 176 x 220 pixel display and basic VGA camera it was essentially the anodized aluminium outer casing and dual-displays that led to its popularity and repositioned Motorola as a brand with cool credentials.

The succession of RAZRs to follow didn’t quite get the same response and it was only when it made its return in 2011, as an Android-laden ultra-slim handset, that once again the company was pushed into the limelight.

Since then, the American company has been taken over by Google and has also partnered up with Intel to take the RAZR brand to the next level. As well as the release of the RAZR i, Motorola also added the larger RAZR Maxx, with a Li-Ion 3300 mAh battery, to its collection, to appeal to an even wider market.

By today’s standards it’s hard to believe the original but very basic RAZR could have paved the way for this highly regarded strand of mobile devices but it certainly seems being a little bit different has paid off.

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