Dialaphone Heroes: Xbox

When Microsoft launched its Xbox on 15 November 2001 it was hard to imagine how it could possibly compete with a brand like PlayStation.

But, in fact this was the month that redefined games consoles for the next decade and luckily for Microsoft, the Xbox had enough surprises in store to get customers flocking, namely a built-in hard drive, the ability to rip CDs, and Dolby Audio enhanced gameplay.

A year on from Xbox came Xbox Live, a service that took the increasingly popular world of online gaming from PC to the US console market, and by the time it arrived in Europe in 2002, it was shaping up to be a key selling point for Microsoft in its battle against the might of the PlayStation.

Just four years on from its launch the Xbox 360 arrived beating the PS3 to the market by a whole year, and despite a few hiccups since its launch the Xbox has undoubtedly been a triumph for the software giant.

Discussions surrounding the Xbox 720 are currently gaining momentum amongst gamers and Microsoft has hinted at a release date of 2015, so it looks like the Xbox brand will be around for some time yet.

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