Vertu’s Back with the Constellation Neon and Blue

Since being sold by Nokia, Vertu has been a little quiet, but that changed at the end of last week when two new Constellation series phones went on sale, all of which live up to what we’ve come to expect from the company.

Nokia confirmed the sale of Vertu to the private equity group EQT V1 back in June, who proclaimed it was excited to “develop Vertu as a standalone company”.  Any planned changes haven’t appeared here though, as it’s business as usual with the Constellation Neon and Blue.

The Constellation Neon is a touchscreen device based around the good old Nokia C7, and therefore runs Symbian Belle, has an 8 megapixel camera and a 3.5-inch touchscreen with a 360 x 640 pixel resolution.

But you don’t buy a Vertu for the specs, you buy it for the materials used in its construction, and all the exclusive Vertu services. There are three different versions: Constellation Black Neon Silver, Black Neon Blue and Black Neon Orange. The colour found in each name is also used as a highlight on the chassis, which is made from stainless steel, black leather and ceramic or carbon fibre.

Joining the Constellation Neon range is the Constellation Blue and Constellation Quest Blue, both designed by Vertu and Italia Independent. The Quest Blue is a variation of the Nokia E6 and is limited to just 77 devices.

It’s also one of the best looking Vertu phones for a while, featuring blue-tinged carbon fibre and leather, a sapphire crystal keypad and a stainless steel body. The Constellation Blue is made from the same materials, but is another C7 touchscreen phone. The work that has gone into constructing the Blue phones can be seen in this video.

Prices for the Italia Independent phones hasn’t been released, but the Constellation Black Neon phones start at around £17,000.

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