HTC President Hints at Large Display Windows Phone Devices

Ren Weiguang, president of HTC China, has stated in an interview that the company is working on a large screen Windows Phone 8 device.

In a lengthy interview with the Chinese Windows Phone blog WPDang, Weiguang suggested that the recently unveiled 8S and 8X devices are only “HTC’s first wave of attack” before going on to comment that the company “also has a larger screen size of Windows Phone 8 phones in development”.

Sources are suggesting that Weiguang was alluding to the rumoured 4.7-inch, quad-core HTC Zenith, which is expected to be a follow up to the HTC Titan.

The HTC president also noted that Microsoft did not allow the manufacturer to directly modify the processors used in its WP devices and, as such, it had to use accessory chips in order for Beats Audio to be incorporated into the handsets. However, the company was still free to differentiate its handsets in terms of screen size, design and colours.

Weiguang also said that the Windows Phone ecosystem is only just getting close to a tipping point of success and the platform has seen a much healthier development than that of Android, which he feels lacks consistency across devices.

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