Top Five Apps for Students

With the new academic year upon us and the doors of learned institutions up and down the country opening as we speak, the nation’s attention once again focuses upon the plight of the humble student.

As such, there has been no better time to take a look at some of the best apps to help the smartphone-toting scholar to get through the endless list of textbooks, lectures and social engagements.

5. Epicurious

With the average student diet seemingly consisting of Pot Noodles and low-cost alcohol, the ability to cook up a mouth watering entrée may seem something of a pipedream.

However, the Epicurious app is perfect for anyone who wants to get the most out of any ingredients that might be lying around. By following the simple selection process, users are guided through a number of possible meal combinations from easy to a’ la carte. Available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

4. Simple Mind +

When jotting down ideas during a lecture or group session, it can often be all too easy to lose the thread of a discussion of follow the map of an idea.

This is where Simple Mind + comes into its own. The app is a mind mapping tool that offers the user the ability to note down brainstorming sessions, idea collection and thought structuring. Incredibly easy to use, the app allows for mind maps of any size to be built with various visual styles available. Available for Android and iOS.

3. Drunk Text Saviour

Although the cliché is a somewhat tired one, it remains a known truth that students generally like to partake in a certain amount of socialising, the majority of which is based around the consumption of alcohol.

With this in mind, the iOS app Drunk Text Saviour may be a worthwhile investment for anyone who gets a bit text-happy after a few drinks. The app analyses text messages before they are sent and provides a warning to the user if the message appears to be nothing more than misspelt drunken ramblings. Perfect to avoid embarrassing situations with housemates and loved ones alike. Available for iOS.

2. AroundMe

As any fresher (or parent of a fresher) knows, one of the most daunting aspects of starting university is often the thought of being in a new place with no idea of where important amenities are in relation to the campus or student accommodation.

AroundMe is an easy to use, intuitive app that uses geo-location data to let the user know where the nearest pharmacies, hospitals, supermarkets and ATM machines, along with providing directions and any contact details. The app is also able to pinpoint the nearest pubs and bars too, should they be required. Available for Android and iOS.


According to the Higher Education Policy Institute, the average student spends around 28 hours a week studying. Therefore, it seems inevitable that even the most literate of scholars will come across the odd word that needs some deciphering.

The app is the perfect companion for any student and comes complete with offline access and trusted reference content. Audio pronunciation is included and the app also offers daily content such as ‘Word of The Day’. In short, the app is pretty much an essential download for every student. Available for Android, BlackBerry OS, iOS and Windows Phone.

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