Leaked: First Image of HTC’s Smartphone/Tablet Hybrid

This week has already seen some details regarding the rumoured HTC tablet/smartphone hybrid leak out, and they’ve been swiftly followed by a possible press image along with a new name too.

The new name is a good thing, as the previous rumour suggested it was currently referred to as the HTC DIx — which wasn’t good at all. Engadget says it’s the HTC DLX, or the 6435LVW, but the new picture shows it will be possibly be named the HTC One X5 when it eventually goes on sale.

Adding a 5 to the name is important, as it’s likely to refer to the 5-inch screen the device will probably sport. Even better is the possibility of it having a 1080p resolution.

The picture shows a familiar HTC body, with a red ring around the camera lens on the rear, and an Android OS covered with HTC Sense on the front. The screen itself looks big too, as the side bezels are almost non-existent, an important point if the device’s overall size is to remain reasonable. Beats Audio can also be added to the feature list, confirmed by the logo seen on the rear panel.

HTC is holding a press event later this week, which most believe to be for Windows Phone 8 hardware, however the sudden increase in leaks for the One X5 could suggest we’ll be seeing it there too.

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