Motorola Faces German Sales Ban over Legal Dispute with Apple

Motorola may be forced to withdraw its smartphones and tablets from sale in Germany after losing a patent dispute with Apple.

A court in Munich delivered the verdict last week, with the case in question being related to an earlier legal battle between the iPhone manufacturer and Samsung in the US.

The patent which both Motorola and Samsung have been found to have infringed upon relates to the way in which iOS menus bounce downwards if a user scrolls beyond their lowest point.

Before any sales ban is brought into effect, Apple would have to formally request that the devices are removed from the German market. This process would also involve the Cupertino-based firm posting a bond of €25m (£20.1m), with an extra fee being added if Apple wants the infringing devices to be destroyed.

Google has yet to comment on the ruling but has previously began action with the European Patent Office which challenges Apple’s right to hold intellectual property rights over the innovation.

In February, Motorola forced Apple to take some iPhones and iPads off sale in Germany following a lawsuit over the way data is transferred over 2G and 3G networks. Motorola owns a patent that Apple was found to have infringed upon and while the Google-owned manufacturer licenses the technology in question to other firms it had not agreed a deal with the iPhone maker.

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