Intel Completes Jelly Bean Port for Medfield Smartphones

Intel has announced that it has successfully completed work to port the latest version of Android to smartphones equipped with its Medfield processors.

Mike Bell, vice president and general manager of the Mobile Computing Group at Intel, has said that several employees at the company are currently using Medfield smartphones running Android Jelly Bean and the successfully ported software has been handed over to carriers for testing.

Handsets powered by the Intel Medfield family of chipsets are currently few and far between, with just a handful of phones including the ZTE Grand X IN and Orange San Diego currently carrying the single-core Atom CPU.

Manufacturers have shied away from the Intel chip due to its apparent power hungry requirements, as opposed to units which employ an ARM architecture – a much more frugal CPU.

However, with Motorola rumoured to be unveiling a Medfield-powered device in the coming days along with the Jelly Bean porting success, the time may have come for Intel to join the mobile processor arena in a big way.

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