Jelly Bean User Base Now at 1.2%

The percentage of Android smartphones running Jelly Bean has hit 1.2%, up from the 0.8% recorded the previous month.

These latest figures, released by Google via the Android Developers website show that, alongside the Jelly Bean increase, the older Ice Cream Sandwich platform has also grown from 15.9% to 20.9%.

Interestingly, the figures also show that a huge 57.5% of Android users are still running Gingerbread, with 18.3% of users stuck on even older iterations such as Froyo and Éclair.

The statistics have led to a number of sources suggesting that manufacturers and operators need to address how quickly they roll out OS updates, and additionally that compatibility issues with older hardware may be key to the continued widespread use of older platforms.

Other figures from the tech giant show that the majority of Android users prefer a display size of around 4-inches on their mobile devices.

To find out what Jelly Bean has to offer, check out our hands-on with Google’s latest OS.

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