Acer Promise Five Android Phones and One Windows Phone 8 Device in 2013

Acer is planning a serious smartphone push in 2013, with Digitimes reporting that the manufacturer is preparing five new Android phones and one Windows Phone 8 handset for the coming year.

The new phones will be spread over the low to mid-range, with the basic phones using a MediaTek processor, while the more high-tech devices will benefit from a dual-core Snapdragon chip.

Microsoft announced at its Windows Phone 8 event in June that Qualcomm would be supplying the processors for all its new phones, so at least one of Acer’s dual-core offerings will be for the Windows Phone 8 device.

Acer plans to introduce its new phones in Europe, but will also concentrate on emerging markets in Thailand, Indonesia and India, where presumably the lower-end Android phones are destined to be released.

The Taiwanese company has never made much of an impact on the UK when it comes to smartphones. Its extensive Liquid range perhaps doesn’t get the attention it deserves, and its single, better-late-than-never Windows Phone 7 handset, the Acer Allegro W4, sunk without trace in late 2011.

According to Acer’s president, Jim Wong, the company hopes to “strengthen its cooperation with telecom carriers” next year too, but we can’t see this happening here in the UK unless at least one of the new phones has a very high specification.

Rumours regarding the launch of Acer’s Windows Phone 8 device indicate we won’t be seeing it until the second half of 2013.


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