Amazon Announces Press Conference for 6 September

Amazon has announced that it will be holding a special event on 6 September in Santa Monica, California, but has not expanded on what it will be revealing. The simple invitation says “Please join us for an Amazon Press Conference”, and nothing else.

The company isn’t one for press conferences that aren’t related to its hardware, so we can speculate that we’ll be seeing the Kindle Fire 2. The second version of Amazon’s cheap tablet has been rumoured for a while, and due to falling sales and the introduction of the Google Nexus 7, a sequel can’t come soon enough for Amazon.

Possible features include a quad-core processor, at least one camera and possibly two different models, one with a 7-inch screen and another with a 10-inch panel. As Amazon has repeatedly done with its Kindle eReaders, the specification will be improved but the price will likely remain the same – $199 for the base model in the USA.

However, we’re hoping Amazon will see sense and release the Kindle Fire in the UK, where the Nexus 7 is currently cleaning up in the low-cost tablet market. Although several of Amazon’s services that make the Kindle Fire so attractive in the USA aren’t available in the UK, it’s the same story with the Nexus 7, and that hasn’t stopped many people from buying it.

Amazon could also use the press conference to launch its Android App Store here in the UK too, a move which it confirmed would be happening earlier this year.

With this new event to add to our September diaries, next month is looking very exciting indeed.

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