Bizarre Everything Everywhere 4G Logo Makes its Debut

To the disappointment of its competitors, Everything Everywhere has recently been given the go-ahead by Ofcom to launch its own 4G network before the end of the year. This neatly bypasses Ofcom’s 4G spectrum auction, and puts Everything Everywhere’s huge reserves of the 1800Mhz spectrum to good use.

Although it’s not expected to start operating in many locations, even when it officially launches sometime next month, it’s sure to be widely publicised, and thanks to The Register, we have got our first look at the registered trademark the company will be using.

The marketing folk have been hard at work, but obviously lacked inspiration, as the logo is bizarre. The term “4G Everything Everywhere” is repeatedly used, but instead of giving the impression of speed and performance, an odd squiggly logo has been added.

It looks a little bit like the letter “E”, a little bit like an “@” symbol and to The Register, a little bit like a snail – hardly the most performance-orientated creature on the planet. To us, adding an arrowhead to the end of the squiggle would be an improvement, as it would vaguely suggest the network is now faster.

In America, where 4G LTE networks are commonplace, AT&T has a particularly effective logo – a flaming 4G – while Sprint often adds the tagline “What can you do with 4G?” to its promo material.

As the first operator to offer a 4G service in the country, it’s important that Everything Everywhere makes the benefits of such a service clear, especially to those who aren’t tech-savvy. A good logo will help, so hopefully this effort is only version 0.9, and version 1.0 will be much more striking.

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