Israel Tests Text Message Missile Warning System

The Israeli military is reportedly testing a system which could see civilians being sent a text message warning them that the area they are in is being targeted by a missile.

Israel’s government has seen a recent straining of relations with Iran, with the latter boasting that it has long-range missile that could reach as far as the US and even airing footage of test launches of the weapons on national television.

The £6m text-warning technology is site specific, and uses a person’s mobile phone to detect the area which they are in and sends an SMS warning should that location be subject to missile attack. Israel has had an air raid warning system in place for years but the more recent technology can even track the trajectory of a missile and alert people in the area it is targeting.

Although the system has been in development for several years mobile phone operators have stalled the plans, worried that they may be held responsible for a mass panic should the system fail.

However, a legal precedent states that compensation will not be paid out should a false alarm be raised. Mobile users are also able to unsubscribe from the alerts, should they not wish to be informed that a missile is heading towards them.

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