Image of Nokia Windows Phone 8 Device Front Panel Leak Online

An image of what could be the front fascia of an upcoming Nokia Windows Phone 8 device has emerged online.

The photograph shows the Finish manufacturer’s logo at what would be the top of the device and the new Windows Phone 8 logo at the bottom. Microsoft has introduced a new variation of its trademark four-panel Windows icon for the revamp of its mobile platform, and this is depicted in the snap.

A hole likely to fit a light sensor sits next to an opening for the speaker at the top of the panel, which also appears to be devoid of any physical buttons.

Speculation has suggested that the device could have a 720p display, the highest resolution Windows Phone 8 devices support. This is based on the fact that the image appears to show that the front panel allows 4.3-inches of space for the display.

Nokia last week confirmed that images of a new Lumia device which leaked online were genuine and that the handset shown is codenamed the Phi. That device featured what could have been either a 4.3-inch screen, the same size as that on the Lumia 900, or a slightly larger 4.5-inch display.

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